Photo story: Blanca Lake with Kim & Nash

All images by Kim & Nash

All images by Kim & Nash

Excursion to Blanca Lake with 'The Nomadic People' Kim and Nash 

"We are Kim & Nash. Husband & Wife. Best Friends, Tea Lovers and Nomads.

We believe that travelling is the only expense that makes you richer and value the experience and memories of an adventure more than any possessions. We love to capture moments through our lenses and share them with the people all around us. 


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Hiking to Blanca Lake, Washington

"We had an unusually late start hiking up to Blanca Lake. We awoke at 8 in the morning but it was still drizzling, cold and muggy outside. So we hit the snooze and went on dreaming the day away.

We parked at the trailhead by 1pm. Unsure if this would be enough time to climb up and back before dusk, we packed warm clothing and a flashlight just in case the sun beat us down the mountain.

3.5 miles one way didn’t sound like much, but don’t let this low number fool you. The trail begins at an elevation of 1,900 feet. We hiked for 3 miles pretty much straight up. Over roots, between fallen trees and around boulders, finally arriving at a small lake called Virgin Lake. We were standing pretty much on top a mountain, eye level with all the other mountains around us, at an elevation of 4,600 feet. After another 30 minutes of slipping and sliding down the muddy slopes we reached Blanca Lake. The lake is fed by the Columbia Glacier. If you look hard enough you can see the Glacier sitting quietly behind the lake with a small stream filed with ice cold snow melt.

The whole lake was a minty green, appearing almost white when looked at from different angles. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. So surreal and kind of magical. We perched ourselves above the lake and ate some lunch and boiled some tea, hypnotized by the awesome sight. 

Washington welcomed us with rain and will most likely say goodbye with more rain drops but the rain has its magic. The fog and the mysterious feel when hiking through the woods is definitely a trademark of Washington. I won’t miss the rain but I will most definitely miss the magic."


"It was about to be a long trek up the mountain, but we were ready."

Image by Kim and Nash

"As we rounded the corner the infamous Blanca Lake stared us dead in the face. Priceless."


"Time for tea. So glad we brought our water cooker, it was freezing up there." 


"The sun graced us with its presence for long enough to bask in its glory."


"Can’t get over the juxtaposition between the milky mint water with the stark cliffs in the distance."


"At the top of climb, eye level with the fog licking the mountains."


"We never thought we would find a lake the same colour as our pot!"


"Can’t top nature’s colour combinations."


"Getting a better look at the life that lies beyond."

A big thankyou to Kim and Nash for sharing this story with us! Follow their travels here: Website  Instagram  Facebook  Twitter